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we look forward to seeing you next time, thanks for joining us! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] ♪
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of african this had listen all come from completion thilet us assume. it is rainingr portions of the rich and san raphael bridge pushing its way into the east bay. expect slippery roadways on the east shore freeways. you can see for yourself lane approaching the richmond area. it is dry for the most part berkeley into emeryville. light rain for portions of highway 13. it is dry and san ramon valley. as we take it to the peninsula we may encounter a drizzle for portions of the bay shore free ride. the
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dumbarton as well as the san mateo bridge. it depends on where you are located will experience more rain later to day. satellite and radar showing where the oyster is situated. it is pushing its way closer into the bay. -- moisture is situated. >> of and i received almost an inch of rain for our north bay area's especially in the higher elevations. moderate to heavy rain expected stretching north of santa rosa. north of san rafeal it will push into naftnapa and hug the coast line. it will shshift by afternoon. the showers will taper off dry conditions at the golden gate bridge. showers of the south bay by 7:00 p.m. tonight. dry conditions were pretty much everyone slated
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for the overnight hours. here's a look at temperatures. mild starts to the morning. 57 for novato. 64 oakland. 64 san mateo. your afternoon highs will see low 60s a lot of cloud cover and again the chance for a off and on shower. 624 san francisco. 64 in hayward and oakland. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows a dry pattern starts to develop around the bay area it will continue to be pleasant with mild conditions in to the weekend in starting the next work week. that is your forecast i will have more on that storm coming up in a bit. we do have some roadways flooding northbound 101 in petaluma approaching the old redwood highway. be aware. caltran is currently on the scene. here is the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza as a wet deck with no accidents to report out oakland into the city if there if it is drive the most part here at the san
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mateo bridge the problems coming from the toll plaza and the westboundsouthbound 101n gate bridge standing water on the span. some light rain is in reported very you want to drive with extra caution for your ride coming out marin county. guys. >> thank you erica. the wet weather is causing problems in san rafeal. they are keeping a close eye on creeks that have swollen in recent raids. and with the storm this morning they are looking for more rising levels. at&t's been denied drying out phone lines that were drenched on sunday night. especially for residents were still cleaning up mud from sunday's rain. crews will be out in the north bay this morning to continue assessing the damage. >> in vallejo couch trans crews had to shut down the connector ramp from interstate 802 highway 29 to clean up the mud slide. the
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soil was saturated and gave way and cost a mess you can see in this video. it took crews couple of hours to clean up the mess and (. >> keep it soon to kron 4 we continue to track the storm we will have updates from the weather center. also on our web site, facebook, twiddltwitter pages or entities for you to stay aware of what is going on. >> we are following several shootings a fatal shooting in san francisco fans feel district erica responding officers found a male victim suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. he was taken to san francisco general hospital where he later died. no arrests have been made in the case. >> at least four people have been internet shooting last night. injured in a shooting. one of the four
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injured was taken to the hospital in critical condition crime remains under investigation. >> police in berkeley are investigating a fatal shooting of a man on a bicycle. police said they receive a 911 call just after 11:30 p.m.. a shooting near longfellow middle school. a male with a gunshot wound was pronounced dead at the scene. police have not released suspect or motive information. >> police in berkeley are investigating an accident that happened last night a car crashed into the ec market liquor store in san paolo and haskell street around 9:30 p.m.. a woman in the store was injured and taken to the hospital. no word on what caused the drive to crash into the store. >> a man accused of kidnapping, beating, and raping 18 is behind bars. he
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is under arrest facing multiple felony charges involving at at risk girl who of course they had the mental capacity of nine or 12 year old child. >> kidnapping with force. it happen with the amount of force needed to kidnap the child. three counts of rape and lewd acts on a child with the suspect in 10 years older. >> the girl was reported missing last tuesday after wandering off from the fred finch youth center. she was found two days later on a muni train. to surveillance videos from bart led to the identification of the suspect and he was arrested sunday night. the girl is that with family members. >> a chaotic scene at san francisco's pass a ban blocking public nudity. there were protests in some rest. the board voted 6 to 5 in favor of them. people against the bolts trip off
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their clothes during the session. sheriff's deputies cover them up with blankets and escort them out. scott wenner has pushed for the change. >> in the last couple of years it has gone well beyond attendance has gone of the top of it is time to do something about it. >> mayor ed lee is expected to sign the measure which will go into effect february 1st. the loss claiming it violates their free-speech rights. >> will take a break at 4 07 a.m.. we are taking the storm. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge where the deck is ample. there is a light drizzle. it is expected to intensify as we head into the commute hours. so keep it to earn
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we are back is for 10:00 a.m. we are keeping an eye on wall street. positive news futures trading posit the dow future of 48 the dow s-s and p up 48. stockton did closed slightly lower yesterday as investors continue to monitor talks about the fiscal cliff in washington. here is a look at how the end of the day the dow was off about 13 points nearly 14 as a matter of fact. 12,00951 was closing number just shy of the 13th of march. the nasdaq drive dropped 5 1/2 point. >> and other business news nestle has reached a multi- year agreement to show disney movies as sedation finish their runs in theaters. net flicks outbid hbo, showtime and stars. the deal will lighallow net flicks
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to stream movies in 2016. the financial terms of the deal have not been released. >> federal antitrust regulators have given the green light for disney to acquire lucas films for $4 billion. the deal for disney to buy lucas' films and the star wars franchise was announced back in october. lucas' films founder george lucas will get half of the purchase price in cash and stock. he says he will donate most of the money to charity. >> ya hoo has purchased another silicon valley startup. on the air which is based in severs his goal is now a part of diablo. the company enables users to hold on-line video chess in a talk-show format ya hoo did not say how much it paid for the service or whether it will continue to operate as is. the deal comes six weeks after yellow acquire
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mobile startup stamped. >> we will take a break it is for 12:00 a.m. when we come back at 4:15 a.m. we will have a full look of forecast. there is an live look at the bay bridge on westbound 80 you can see light traffic headed towards the toll plaza. a lot of reflections on the ground in the road is a little wet. we will be right back.
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we're back is 4:15. as promised to hand over to weather with erica. >> this storm will pick up when people are heading off to work and school. it is probably in the north bank. drier conditions for the peninsula and the south bay. we will look into your neighborhood to see exactly
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where the rain is falling. the yellow on your screen indicates heavy to moderate rain in san raphael. pushing its way east holding close to high 101 the rich and san rafeal bridge. not to bad in novato a lot of rain is pushing its way to the east bay we are picking up light rain for vallejo. the east shore freeway down to richmond. you may encounter a mist a heavy drizzle approaching berkeley emeryville and eventually towards the bay bridge toll plaza. off the green on your screen around san paolo and high rat highway 4. approaching the caldecott tunnel not to bad approaching coming off the altamonte pass. it is not raining at the beach but we are seeing light rain downtown, for truro hill, as
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well as the sunset district. it is like the green indicating it is light in nature. the rain has not reached the south bay is currently dry. we have mostly cloudy conditions but the rain will pick up later today. let us take a look at the wider view satellite and radar shows how big the system is. it is relatively weak compared to what we experienced last week. some of our north bay spots higher elevations received about 1 in. of rain overnight. trace amount everywhere else we did not pick up a lot for the rest of the bay area. futurecast 4 you can see by 7:00 a.m. yellow on the screen indicates moderate rain. in fact we are picking up orange for some of our north bay area's which does equal heavier rain. running along the coastline 11:00 a.m. north along the golden gate bridge stretching into the east bay. we could get a dry break for the livermore valley. we will see off and on showers throughout the day. the showers will push
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their way south later tonight and everyone should be drying into the overnight hours. here's a look at your temperatures now. at mild start. 624 mountain view. 57 and half moon bay. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast does show a dry pattern starts to develop, in fact no rain into the weekend. in temperatures will be a bit more by tuesday with most locations hovering in the mid-60s. >> in the traffic center we are to receive reports of roadway flooding. no. 9101 the non commute direction in petaluma the zero redwood highway approaching it we are seeing some lanes impacted. we have some minor's been out. off a couple of non injury accidents. nothing slowing you down again drive with extra caution. you will need your windshield wipers at the bay bridge toll plaza
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the lightning reflecting off the roadway. so far so good no accidents to report. here at the san mateo bridge traffic is flowing not currently raining. you may encounter a drizzle but no accidents the drive is 12 minutes from and to end. south bound 101 the golden gate bridge is wet, heavy rain for those of you committing of a san rafeal. on our traffic maps all is well. westbound 24 so far so good. no delays commuting to the san ramon valley. to interstate 580 green on your roadway centers speeds over 50 mi. per hour. no accidents to report for those of you driving around the south bay. >> thank you erica the time is 4:19. >> nearly a thousand pg&e customers are without power this morning in san rafeal. pg&e says the outages are
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weather-related. outage started around 4 this morning and there is no estimated time when powell will be restored. >> it is a race against the clock and the weather last night as crews struggle to repair a massive sinkhole in lafayette. the collapse storm drain combined with all the rain created this huge hole on sunday. workers and before they can repair the drain and silver seiko the damaged pipe needs to be dug out and removed. resident joyce lang's home is inches away from the sinkhole and her backyard has turned into a construction zone. >> it is a lot of noise. i don't know when it is going to be peace. especially when christmas is going to come. >> crews have not been able to find the exact cause of the road collapsed. but with more rain on the way, crews must work quickly to stop
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this mess from going from bad to worse. >> caltran workers took advantage of weather that- dry weather on the peninsula to try to defer the weather related mishaps along highway one. workers covered part of the hill slight at devil's slide with black plastic and wire mesh, and holding them in place with sandbags. they are hoping to prevent rockslide order from falling into the roadway during the next round of rain. the soil eroded in this area, during the most recent heavy rains. >> we are doing more to prevent--preventative measures for the future. >> one-way traffic controls were put into effect so the roads to be done safely. >> and his people affected by large mud slide in the santa cruz mountains will have to wait for some
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relief. and that is the weather is permitting. vine hill road remains closed due to a slide that took out a 60 ft. long section of one lane. crews hoped will reopen a single line by late this afternoon but the ground was too wet and they had to install drainage systems to keep the slide fr meantime frustrated residents and commuters as a long the to to reach highway 17. >> now i have to drive 20-25 minutes around to get on highway 17 to go north. >> i have to go all the way down and come back. >> how far out of your way? >> like 30 minutes. >> it is long term we will have to figure out some way to park cars on the other side of the road. and of people are affected all over santa cruz county. depending on how much rain falls below to install a concrete barrier to allow one lane of
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traffic by later this evening dinne. prepares to take one-seven months to finish that section of roadway as it continues as a way. stay tune with kron 4 we will have continuing coverage with today's rain. we saw a bit of it last night more intense showers to come. do not forget to go on the web site facebook and twitter. >> and live look at the golden gate bridge on this wednesday morning. we see areas a light rain and drizzle. more on your forecast, traffic, and top headlines when we come back.
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welcome back. the time is 4:2. 5 >> new york police may be closing in on a suspect in a pushing killing. >> aid cain has this story
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from new york. >> police questioned a man who implicated his mahimself ave marks of a writer. the man was pushing killed by an oncoming train. the commissioner says they're getting input from writers that were in the station. >>--riders that were in the station. >> it all apparently started with an argument. >> new york police obtain this video that shows the victim whose face is obscured before he was shoved onto the track. empty a worker nigel grant says some people try to get the conductor's attention as a train came into the station. >> the train finally came to a stop about three-quarters of the way into the station. patrick gomez says everyone was stunned.
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>> everyone was in shock not knowing what was going on peo. >> witnesses say the victim frantically tried to climb onto the platform as the train built into the station. his efforts were in vain he was struck and killed by the train. >> i ahead pain reporting. >> also making headlines best-71 euro dick cheney has a history of heart attacks and survived five since the late '70s his first one happened when he was 37 years ago he had a heart transplant. in the book he will offer his perspective about what is to be a cardiac patients several times over the book will be released next fall. >> politicians on capitol
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hill taking a break from work to help light up the christmas tree. >> it was foul line schuster of colorado's principles which as the crowd cheered, and the u.s. air force band played on christmas tree another holiday classics. the tree is an infamous prison comes from colorado's white river national forest and has been outfitted with 10,000 lights and ornaments. it will be lit each night until the day after christmas. >> will take a break and be back with more on the kron 4 morning news here is a look at the adjacent freeway. we have wet roadways may be somewhat of being kicked up by some of the cars. we have more rain for your morning commute will update you on your weather and traffic in just a minute.
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we are back at the time is 4:30. a live look from our roof cam looking towards san francisco downtown. too much
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cloud cover and rain. it is starting to come down now. we will continue our weather watch this morning especially in the north bay where they are cleaning up from sunday's rain. kron fours jackie sissel is live in marin county. >> jackie work in i on river levels. >> i am at the creek and see the rain coming down not real hard to james but it is coming down at the creek you can see the water rushing under the bridge. it waa website that monitors creek levels of now the creek level is aroun fourd for feed which is a far cry from what was. >> around 4 ft.. people here are extremely nervous the remember 2005 the new year's slug that inundated downtown every time we get a significant amount of rain
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everyone immediately starts watching this creek. so far it has not filled over. anytime we get any amount of rain we start to watch it. a big part of this is they have gone through the efforts to make sure this creek is constantly clear out no obstruction to you can see how many trees and how much brush exist out here. in its i we have rain the debris get stuck and that is what causes the flood. we are watching the creek level to make sure it does not get any higher. people are not familiar with the location that creek runs through the downtown area. >> yes downtown is right there. we are talking probably 50 ft. from the creek. you concede the businesses. it is in the middle of downtown. it is on
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the creek spills of the bank immediately goes into downtown. >> we will keep a look at that angle of storm coverage we are also watching the radar. >> good morning james as i was driving i saw drizzle coming in. the rain is picking up in some spots erica has a look at our forecast. >> good morning to you anny. the heavy rain is situated in the north bay. here in san francisco a heavy drizzle the same goes for berkeley, livermore valley, part of the peninsula. the south bay for the most part is dry. . you can see heavier rain been reported the yellow on your screen over the rerichmond san rafeal bridge. picking up light rain for petaluma just a sprinkle over in the bottle and over highway 37. depends on where you are located--in of novato.
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>> we are picking up some rain over at the bay bridge. most of oakland under the green as well. we are a dry for the most part. turn your attention to san francisco dry for now. that will not last for long. we are seeing water coming off the coastline and acting coand ocean beach and patrol hill. you will need your umbrella around market street or if you're heading to the bay bridge or any of the on rats.ramps. >> here is a wider view satellite and radar nothing compared to what we experienced this weekend. it is relatively weak in nature. this cold front is not too much to be concerned about. i do not think we will see the widespread flooding. we have a lot of
4:35 am
cloud cover associated with the system and will experience showers and to the afternoon. we could see him off and on shower and mainly dry conditions by later tonight. take a look at futurecast 4:07 a.m. some heavier rain for the north bay not as intense south of the golden gate bridge. 11 a m mainly to our north fairfield, concord, vallejo. light rain. into the 3:00 hour heavy rain for the north bay for places like haywood and the mid peninsula. as we head into the evening hours the rain is out of our hair just rain in san jose. everyone will be dry as we head into the overnight hours. here is a look at your temperatures '50s and '60s out the door. 61 in hayward. 56 and thou tell. --a dry pattern
4:36 am
develops around the bay area. >> a wet morning but no reports of major flooding there were some problems in marin county last night that is not the case this morning at least so far on highway 101. a quick commute to check the bay bridge ride westbound lie traffic. like traffic for most of the bay area even for the east bay on highway 4, interstate 580 all of those roads are clear. to the east shore freeway i had a report on interstate 80 westbound the city of golden gate fields there is an accident. it may be a little bit before the close of to be cannon. -as buchanan there is no backups or delays. we are not yet looking at hot spots. >> thank you george the time is 4:36. we are following several shootings including
4:37 am
the fatal shooting in the hayes valley neighborhood. the shooting was reported in the 700 block of clgrove street does before a. responding officers on the male victim suffered from multiple gunshot wounds it was taken to san francisco general hospital where he later died. no arrests were made in this case. at least four people have been injured in the 300 block of east 8 10th street just before 430. one of the injured were taken to the hospital in critical condition. >> police in berkeley are investigating the fatal shooting a man on a bicycle late last night. police said they received a 911 call just after 11:30 p.m. of a shooting near longfellow middle school. officers found a male bicycles with a gunshot wound. he was pronounced dead at the scene. police have not released suspect or motive
4:38 am
information. >> police in berkeley also investigating an accident that happened last night a car crashed into the ec market liquor store at san papillote and haskell street around 930 last night. a woman was injured and taken to a local hospital no word on what caused the driver to crash into the store. >> time for a quick break we will be back with some of the national headlines making news in the meantime here is a live look at the golden gate bridge is a wet drive. storm tracker 4 showing showers across the bay. they will continue to grow as we get deeper into the morning commute
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we are back 4:40 is the time. we are less than four weeks away from falling off the so-called fiscal cliff. talks in washington are going nowhere. some
4:41 am
republicans are speaking out against the gop's plans to fix the problem presented this week by house speaker john boehner. dana bash has the details. >> rates are going up they have to go up. >> the fact that the house gop leaders propose raising $800 billion in taxes is ruffling feathers in their own party. >> republicans should not be conceding that the federal government needs more money negotiating with ourselves entry in the president's proposal like it is serious. >> gop senator jim demint said anti-government anti- tax paris. >> there are some that want to go the politically expedient route to give the president what he wants to get out of this mess. >> he is hardly the conservative upset with house republican leaders. the conservative action
4:42 am
networks in this alert supporters sang card rep tell your representative tax hikes are not part of the solution. the e-mail included a not so subtle threat saying this infamous pledge cost george h. w. bush reelection. >> read my lips. >> aware of the potential blow back that could imperil his leadership john boehner careful to include in other proposal leaders. including paul ryan who spent months on the campaign trail ordinance against tax increases. >> we will cut tax rates for small businesses and work with the family. >> house gop sources tell cnn they hope conservative black less is proof that we try to compromise. >> the house republican leadership is trying to move the process forward. frankly
4:43 am
i had hoped we would be accomplishing more in the real talks that are going on privately. i can tell you being aware of those there is nothing going on privately that is going on publicly. >> off and other nationals former president george w. bush is making a new appeal for immigration reform mr. bush had pushed for an overhaul of the nation's immigration laws during his second term in 2007 but that effort failed. it would have combined tighter border security, with a temporary guest worker program. during a speech in dallas the former president said, any new push for reform should keep in mind the contribution of immigrants. >> americans is a nation of immigrants. immigrants hav count we have become. immigrant can help build a dynamic tomorrow. not only to immigrants help build our economy than in big rig our
4:44 am
solo. >> (cheers and applause) mr. bush said american be a lawful and welcome in society at the same time. the time is 4:43. we will be right back on the kron 4 morning news with your news, headlines, traffic and weather. >> we will be right
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we are back at 4:45. officials say more than 200 people are dead after a typhoon hit the philippines. here is some of the pictures of that storm ravaged compancountry. dozens of others are missing characters are struggling to reach remote areas in the southern philippines after a powerful typhoon slammed intov min danao. the typhoon rig up trees and houses with winds reaching for near 10--near 100 in moscow our dream was
4:47 am
lights flashing floods. 110 miles per urhour . >> we are catching a break in the bottle some light rain for petaluma. we did see heavy rain in our last report--novato. we are picking up moderate to heavy rain indicated by the yellow on your screen right around san palo stretching to berkeley. there is rain at the highway 480 interchange. pushing closer to berkeley. this will continue to shift south and east. light rain at the bay bridge toll plaza in all the approaches to discourage the drive for interstate 580, livermore valley. light rain being reported coming from ocean beach. as we turn our
4:48 am
attention to the south bay we are not saying much as some light rain but not impacting any of the freeways. we will pick up into the latter morning our satellite and radar shows the system. i think the cold front is weaker than what we experienced this weekend. i think it will fall apart when it is over most of the bay area. expect that stash i do not think flooding is a concern. we have weather related power outages and lot of cutcloud cover associated and will continue into the afternoon. heavy rain north of the golden gate bridge impacting now heading into fairfield hugging the coast line. it is not until 11:00 when we will see a break mainly for the north bay and shower chances will diminish as we head into the afternoon. we could see a lingering showers later tonight. overnight the entire bay area will be dry and then we
4:49 am
will fall into a dry pattern no right to talk about for here is a look at your afternoon high 60s in the south bank 644 milpitas and san jose. 61 for fairfield. 62 for san leandro. low sixties for petaluma novato 62 in san francisco. here is a look at your day planner in miles start to the morning. everyone is in the '50s. light rain potential for showers continue into the afternoon. we will start to dry things out as we head into later tonight. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows dry conditions for the foreseeable future. the main thing we will contend with is fog. that should appear friday into saturday morning. mainly sunny skies by sunday and mild conditions in fact
4:50 am
temperatures on the warmer side as we head into next tuesday. ":4949. here's a traffic with george. >> an accident at 580 westbound at lakeshore is the reported it is near the climb as you head up the hill toward the downtown oakland past park. there are nis no sign of slowing. although to lines of traffic were blocked a potential hot spots for sure. in the meantime the rest of the bay area freeways are doing well. here is a look at the bridges the bay bridge and the westbound ride no problems here. it is wet but an easy commute. instead of the san mateo bridge or conditions are good let us give you a live look at the golden gate bridge or 101 traffic south bound is reconfigured. crews are on the span changing over the
4:51 am
pylons. there are taking away the buffer line in the middle. there will before lane southbound and to lane northbound. there are no delays to the bridge. >> off thank you. onto a story we brought to yesterday's proposal to buy a drone for the alameda county sheriff's office have been sent for further study. this move comes at the american civil liberties union and other groups raised concerns. the unmanned aerial system would be used for search and rescue missions in tactical operations. but the aclu argues sheriff officials are planning to use the drone to spy on people. off the boards of revises were scheduled to vote yes today on a grant to help pay for the drones but the controversy topic has been moved to a committee hearing in january. the petaluma city council unanimously passed an ordinance that bans smoking in apartments and other units of multifamily dwellings, as well as in hotels and motels. the ordinance also
4:52 am
bans outdoor smoking in areas including bus stops, dining areas, recreation facilities, and out eidetside a designated smoking areas at public events. the ordinance will take effect on august 1, 2013, at buildings still under construction on january 1, 2014 at existing housing units, hotels and motels. >> the sow for cisco municipal transportation agency has approved free muni ride the the san francisco municipal transportation
4:53 am
agency has approved free muni rise for low-income children. the board in denselunanimously voted for the 1.6 min $16 month pilot program to provide free muni rise for you to apply for the program and are eligible. the program will then kick off in march 2013 and continue through june 30, 2014. >> the vice-president of baseball operations said both sides had agreed on a deal pending a physical. scutaro was the in v.p. he batted 362 and had three home runs and. we will take a break back with more in a minute. 4:53. is the time it is wet out at the golden gate bridge rain coming down.
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welcome back the time is 4 :55 pyrrhic >> elisabeth carridan has today's hollywood minute. >>snooki tells the new york daily news capra's to enjoy her pregnancy and be excited. she should not stretch out. the 25 year old realities star was on her first child in august. she
4:57 am
enjoys her time at home to avoid the practice. buckingham palace revealed that prince william and his wife are expecting. >> alec baldwin will not be done with television after 30 rock wraps up its final season. he signed a new two year contract with universal television. he would develop and produce new shows for the studio and possibly star in them. >> an upcoming film starring passion kutcher. sundance releases follow the trend the apple founder earlier in his career. director of the fence was says the film is inspirational and entertaining. he says kutch er of the role. for hollywood minute i'm elizabeth carridan.
4:58 am
>> we are following the story of all or four have been injured. >> politicians taking time out to light the tree on capitol hill will talk more about that and what they're doing to avoid the fiscal cliff. we are waiting up to what roads cloudy skies as well will check with erica. and george has an eye on your commute. update from both of them in just a minute.
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(male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news at 5:00 a.m. starts now. >> good morning the top stories we're following this wednesday that a december 5, 2004 people were injured after shooting in oakland. a live report is coming up. >> the rain back across the bay area you are looking at live view from the james lick freeway as we look at san francisco. you can see the roadway is wet. we have a triple box we can show you give you another perspective. the bay bridge on the left and the golden gate bridge on the right and
5:01 am
the san mateo bridge on the lower right. all three shots to see what roadway spirit let us begin our coverage with weather. >> we are watching our creeks for as well. a lot of rain moving through. pretty heavy rain of the golden gate for several fiscal. >> that is right where seeing heavy rain for places like concord, to 42, interstate 680 heading into the san ramon valley. it is not really a big event in the south bay. heaviest rain falling in the north bay north of the golden gate bridge no surprise there. we have a lot of moisture sitting offshore. it looks like we are starting to get a break for pelham and novato the grain starting to push its way south and east. over the richmond san raphael bridge currentness of light rain of the east shore freeway. yellow on your screen impacting portions of walnut creek. light rain into the berkeley area heading into the bay bridge toll plaza. out to the livermore valley the rain has not reached them
5:02 am
but is on the way. if this is not a big system is relatively weak compared to the one we experienced this weekend. for pacific rise in san francisco that is pushing its way close to market street in weeks affect the downtown area. a around los gatos and sunnyvale north of san jose some light green on your screen some rain will pick up as we head into the latter morning hours it will start to settle down as we head into the afternoon. tomorrow sun and clouds temperatures mainly in the '60s and acquired in dry weather pattern developed for the bay area nice weather ahead. we have to get through the storm. full details on what to expect coming up in my next report george. >> thank you erica is a wet morning for the freeway. we're not exexperience in any flooding or hydroplaning. nothing major
5:03 am
to tie up your ride. here is a look at the golden gate bridge commute. crews have reconfigured the span. your quick commute check shows like traffic 4580 and highway 43 east bay. south bay peninsula conditions are like as well even through the north bay. on the peninsula there may be some problems along skyline boulevard a few miles south of highway 92. reports of a tree down that may be blocking the lanes. >> and george water lovers were dangerously high in marin county fortunately the water level has gone down. so it is safe now covers let's go to our solo reporter jackie sissel who is at a corta madera creek this morning. the i can give you and idea of how close the creek is you can see it here. >> you can see the water rushing in the creek now. i
5:04 am
was on a website about 15 minutes ago and the greeks say it is about 4 ft. a far cry from this weekend. let us take a look at the video from this weekend what it looked like out here. basically, it's got to flood level which is always a concern here. anyone who was here in 2005 remembers a huge flood that occurred. since then they have put in an action plan to monitor the creek and clear it out. we have not had a massive flood that we had back in 2005 but, every time it rains it is time we get any amount of water it is a fear everyone immediately turns to the creek. i have been out here for about an hour the water level has not gone up or down. the real news is there is no obstruction in the creek. is
5:05 am
cree and the w is clear nothingg through the water. >> i am curious when i drove in for marin county it was pouring. how is it now? >> it stopped running about 15 minutes ago which is good news. you can see over here towards the downtown area the rain has stopped about 15 minutes ago. people live here are constantly on the web site making sure the creek level is maintained. the good news is the rain has stopped for now. >> is there any sandbags just in case? >> i am not downtown. the downtown area is that way but they have put up sandbags any time you get any amount of rain the sandbags go up. >> the remember the damage from all five so they do not want to take chances. >> we are tracking more on the storm from the kron 4
5:06 am
news room grooves and lafayette they're concerned this morning is that today's rain could make the massive sinkhole larger. work crews concentrated yesterday on restoring creek flow to the cinco. the collapse storm drain combined with all the rain that created the sinkhole on sunday. workers they before they can repair the drained and filled lysenko the damaged pipe needs to be dug out and removed. crews have not been able to find the exact cause for the road collapse. they say it would be a while they are monitoring it. pg&e is reporting this morning that nearly 1000 customers are without power in san raphael into separate weather- related outages. the outages were started just before 4:00. crews are working to restore power but there is no estimated time to restore. >> we are tracking this storm that is moving to the bay area other developing news at least four people
5:07 am
were injured in a soothinshooti. with more on last night's violence. >> >> we do know the people were rushed to the hospital one person was listed in critical condition. all of them are listed in stable condition would not know where they were shot of the fact that they were in stable condition is a good sign that they could to buy their injuries. >> here is a video from last night at around 10:20 p.m. on the 300 block of east 18th avenue limit lake merritt. we do not know if all four people know each other or why there were targeted. we do know that they have not made any arrests at this time. hoping to talk to the watch commander to see if there was one person of the same set of people did all of the shooting. hopefully we will hear back from the oakland police department later. i can tell you ironically james, the shootings took
5:08 am
place in the same area where tonight mayor jean quan will hold a series of town hall meetings to talk about violence. the meetings have been planned before last night's shootings. there will be talking about that tonight among other crime activities and oakland. back to you. >> there maybe a few more people showing up to the meeting that may have not otherwise bother to attend. meeting that may have not otherwise bother to attend. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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5:11 am
welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. the dow future is up over 40 points. the stocks fell again. light trading the dow off 14 stand below the 13,000 mark. the dow at 12,00952. the s&p dropped two in the nasdaq was down 6 to drop below 3000 mark. however international stock markets are on the rise, as investors are becoming increasingly convinced that political leaders here in the u.s. will reach a deal to avoid a fiscal cliff.
5:12 am
>> net flicks have reached a multi-year agreement to show disney movies after they finish their run in theaters. net flicks' outbid premium pay-tv services such as hbo, showtime and the current rights holders which is stars. the deal will allow net fixed stream disney movies over the internet, seven months after they leave theaters starting in 2016. the financial terms of the deal had not been released. >> the striking clerical workers reached a tentative agreement. the strike rig is shippers from delivering good spirit chips have been stacked up offshore. it was estimated the strike cost the local economy $8 billion a day. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. we are watching the storm moving to the bay area. and line of heavy rain leading san raphael. and southern marin county over the golden gate in san francisco look out. rain moving in your direction.
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
welcome back to the kron 4 morning new as i have been watching the river and creek levels around the bay area. checking out the russian river which is close to flooding. looking at the latest for class we will look at the creeks and rivers. the russian river at hillsborough the monitor state is at 20 the latest forecast is at 10 ft. around to o'clock this afternoon. san for the nnapa river 10 ft. below flood stage. all the rivers are expected to stay within their banks. >> let us find out more about the storm we had a couple of live looks. at the left side is our james lick the right
5:17 am
side the san mateo bridge in both shot is wet. not terribly wet of the rain is coming down it looks pretty impressive in spots on storm tracker 4 erica. >> that is right james lick it see some impressive rain amounts for the north bay over an inch or inch and a half for the higher elevations. the rest of the bay area we are talking maybe a quarter of an inch of rain. really not too much compared to what we saw last week's. a lot of the moisture is sitting offshore. this is the main cold front. we are seeing downpour some parts of the north bay. a zoom in on the map you can see around san raphael that is heading over to the richmond san rafael bridge. we are seeing that yellow rain fall rates it looks like it is coming down at about two tenths of an inch per hour. heavier rain for some of the east bay. take a look at 242 highway 4 down to convert into a pleasant hill. moderate rain that is continuing to push its way and south. as
5:18 am
we turn our attention to the east bay some light rain at berkeley approach in the bay bridge toll plaza. it is raining in dublin around the 5 86/86 interchange. making its way closer to the downtown livermore area. over to san francisco light rain for the richmond district. the sunset downtown around market street and for those of you in patrol hill. we're speaking of light rain in the south bay. over highway 101 as we zoom in is currently raining for the guadalupe parkway. it depends on where you're located. this under the green we aren't not seen impressive rain fall rate. just talking trace amounts for those of you heading outside the door in the south bay. as we take it over to what is on tap later today futurecast 4 shows into the 7:00 our heavy rain for the north bay. we could see heavy rain rich in the coastline it could impact half moon bay and pacifca.
5:19 am
10:00 a.m. we keep the heavy rain around it looks like once the system is over the heart of the bay area at will start to break apart. it will continue to weaken. we will not be that much rain in the south bay. showers chances diminished as we head into later tonight. we could see a lingering pop of showers in the south bay but it looks like we are drying out for the north bay in the northern part of the peninsula. as we take a look at tahoe a winter weather advisory has been issued until 10:00 a.m. this morning. expected three-8 in. between 60 507,000 ft. with snow and ice of the passes. your bay area afternoon highs we could see sunshine we have a lot of tropical moisture associated with this system. tenders will not be too cold. 64 for mountain view and sunnyvale. 634 santa clara. 61 for fairfield. 62 in antioch.
5:20 am
low sixties for the north bay. 62 in the city. oakland at 64 degrees. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows dry weather returns to the bay area starting later tonight. it will remain that way for the foreseeable future. contending with morning fog as we head into the weekend. george. >> erica we are watching this accident in oakland on 580 westbound in lakeshore. it is an the two right hand lane and minor back up behind the accident. weather conditions are making it difficult to clear. there is a possibility this could be out there for a while. i do not think we are at the risk of seeing any lasting delays as long as the accident is gone within the next few minutes. still it will be sluggish on 580 west. more information about skyline boulevard the location is about 3-4 mi. south of highway 92 at where road where a down tree was
5:21 am
blocking both directions of skyline boulevard highway 35. here is a look at the bridges as we start our check at the bay bridge toll plaza no backup for delay is the plenty of rain. you can see how what is there is a fair amount of spray being kicked up by the cars. san mateo bridge ride looks good. here's your golden gate bridge commute lights traffic as you head south coming from marin county. >> thank you george in bay area news police in berkeley are investigating an accident that happened last night. take a look at our cash into cashez market liquor store on san pablo and haskell street. a woman was actually shopping and was injured and taken to the hospital. no word yet on what caused the driver to crash into the store. >> the man accused of kidnapping, beating, and
5:22 am
raping and at risk teen is behind bars this morning 36 year-old gary atkinson is under arrest. he is facing multiple charges involving in at risk girl. with 40 say, has the mental capacity of a nine to 12 year old child. the girl was reported missing last tuesday after wandering off from the frefred finch youth center in east oakland. she was found two days later on a muni train in san francisco. surveillance video from bart was used to identify the suspect. >> police are investigating a fatal shooting in san francisco's hayes valley neighborhood. the shooting was reported in the 700 block of grove street does before 8 in the evening. responding officers found a male victim suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. he was taken to seventh go general where he later died no arrest in may. >> the dublin city council has approved a ban that bars
5:23 am
tobacco near schools parks and day care centers. it takes effect in 30 days. affects new retell tobacco openings from opening within five a defeat of schools. the city council hopes the new rule will prevent teenagers from lighting up. >> mountain view has joined a group a list of bay area cities that are banning single use plastic bags the new ban applies to all retail businesses to sell clothing food and personal items rest abroad and charitable nonprofit are exempt. mountain view is one of the 24 cities in san mateo and santa clara county's that outlaw plastic bags. the new rule goes into effect on april 22nd which is earth day. >> we will take a break at 5:23 a.m.. let us take a quick look at the bay bridge approach where you see rain at the lance and on the street as well. you will be driving through it all morning long. >> yes-on the lanes and on
5:24 am
the street.
5:25 am
5:26 am
5:27 am
>> a new survey shows the country's worst hit by the european financial crisis are also seen as among the most corrupt in the european union. the survey shows spain, portugal, italy and greece with the lowest scores in western europe.
5:28 am
where is 0 is the highly corrupt and 100 he is very clean, green scored a 36. italy scored 42, portugal scored 63 and spain 65. by comparison denmark and finland tied with new zealand at the top of the list with scores of 90, while the u.s. scored 73. >> more than 280 people are dead after a typhoon hit the philippines. dozens of others are missing. rescuers are struggling to reach remote areas in the southern philippines after a powerful typhoon slab into mindanao. the typhoon ripped up trees and houses with winds reaching their 110 mi. per
5:29 am
hour. triggering mudslides and flash floods.
5:30 am
5:31 am
>> we are tracking a storm. look at the bay bridge where there is heavy rain pouring down. >> the bay bridge and most of san francisco. looking at what is to come. this is not a tough ride just yet. storm tracker 4 will show you when the heaviest rain will come to your neighborhood. >> as we take a look heavy rain is on the way for oakland at 5:42 a.m.. piedmont will have heavy rain around 5:46 a.m. and
5:32 am
5:46 a.m. for alamo. it really just depends on where you are ahead. it is impacted ocean beach and the richmond district. we can see where the heavy rain might end up. it is not significant just yet. as we turn our attention to the south bay they are picking up light rain in the downtown area. >> we do have pretty heavy showers right now. the temperatures are in the '50s. the storms will start to taper off and expect mostly cloudy conditions with temperatures in the low 60's. later on tonight the temperatures will start to diminish. we do have a lot a
5:33 am
wets weather coming for the rest of the morning commute. it should be better as you head into the afternoon. >> we're looking at an accident in san francisco as southbound 101. it is in their if you are heading toward the airport this morning there is likely an extra 68 minute drive time if you are coming out of downtown san francisco. this will be normal. developing mills. >> police and berkeley are investigating a fatal shooting of a man. >> so far there are no rest
5:34 am
and we drove by the area where the shooting took place and i can tell you that investigators are log ball. this happened about 10:20 p.m.. we know that the four people were rushed to the hospital and at 1.1 was listed in critical condition. last checked all of them are in stable condition. we are hoping a to hear from officer about that. what we do not know what this time is whether or not all of the four people knew each other. this series of shootings took place by one person or a set of people. it is still unknown at this time. also, the shooting took place in the same area of east 18th
5:35 am
avenue and this is the same location where the mayor is supposed to hold a town hall meeting. this was planned before the shooting happened. she wants to talk about the violence. >> police them berkeley are investigating the fatal shooting of a man on a bicycle last night. police said they received a 911 call just after 1130 of a shooting near longfellow middle school. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. police have not release any suspects or motive information. eight in >> a proposal to buy a drawl for the alameda county's sheriff's office has been sent to a committee for
5:36 am
further study. this move comes after the american cell liberties union and other groups raised concerns. an alameda county sheriff promise yesterday that the drones would not be used for surveillance missions or ordinary citizens. the board of supervisors was scheduled to vote yesterday on a grant to help pay for the drone. but that was moved to a committee hearing that will be in january. >> the vote on whether to shut down for fire stations in contra costa county has been delayed. fire station no. 12 in martinez is one of the four stations on the chopping block. the fire chief says, closing the stations will lead to lower response times but adds, the failure of a partial tax on the november ballot mayes said there are few options left. the next board meeting is scheduled for tuesday
5:37 am
december they levitt. the board says, at that point, it would have to make a final decision on the fate of the four fire stations periods >> there is 26 days until the fiscal cliff. the expiration of the bush tax cuts for all americans, and automatic government spending cuts that will kick in and republicans and the white house seem to have found some common ground. both sides are green that tax revenue and reductions in entitlement spending are key elements of the deal. republicans may be softening on raising taxes for wealthier americans and the white house may be on accepting a greater spending cut for medicare. >> we will be right back as kron 4 news continues.
5:38 am
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>> new york city police say they suspect in the death of a subway rider who was shoved onto the tracks has implicated himself in the crime. authorities say that a suspect was taken into custody yesterday after investigators recovered security video showing a man fitting the description of the suspect near rockefeller center. police say that the subway rider died shortly after being hit by tram monday at the times square subway station. charges have not been announced in the case. >> in national nils. the army's highest legal branch has appoint a new judge to preside over the case of the ford good shooting suspect.
5:42 am
u.s. army colonel terara osborn was named head in the case of major nidal hasan. the u.s. court of appeals for the armed forces on monday ousted the previous judge saying that he appeared biased against hasan. hasan faces the death penalty if he is convicted in the 2009 shootings that killed 13 and wounded more than two dozen on the texas army post. >> we will be tracking the movements of this morning rain coming up.
5:43 am
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>> the top stories we are following at this hour. at least four people have been
5:46 am
injured in a shooting near lake merritt late last night. police said one of the four injured was taken to a hospital in critical condition. >> san francisco officially passes a ban blocking public nudity. the board of supervisors voted 6 to 5 in favor of the band. protesters against the boat stripped off their clothes during the session. the bet will go into effect on february 1, 2013. >> let's go out the storm tracker 4 where we was see heavy rain in parts of san francisco. we do want to zoom in to tell you where it is raining on whether or not it is heading into your neighborhood. this is impacting berkeley and highway 13 in to alameda.
5:47 am
the yellow on your screen is going to be headed your way about 5:51 a.m.. as we take it over to san francisco where are dealing with some heavy rain and also in ocean beach. it is really not to intents is heavy rain and light ran over interstate 80. >> light rain is about a around half moon bay. they have iran is slated to hit you pretty soon. i do want to take you over to the satellite and radar pitcher. this is the wider view. is
5:48 am
really not as intense and is a much weaker system than what we saw last week. heavy rain for the coast and the north bay. by 10:00 a.m. this will continue to be the case. we will not seeing heavy rain for the livermore valley and the delta is also looking good. there will be partial clearing into the afternoon and the showers will taper off. >> here is a look at your temperatures it is 50 degrees out the door. 60 degrees for san francisco and 57 waking up in vallejo. we will see 64 for pleasanton and livermore. your kron 47 day around the bay shows that it will be dry weather or around the bay for tomorrow and thursday. we do have the
5:49 am
potential for a more wets weather but we will have a pleasant conditions as we head into next tuesday. and >> we have a hot spot developing on the east shore freeway. there is an accident and did you can see is starting to back up the traffic in the westbound direction. more than one lane is a blot and we will update your drive time coming up. the sensors have not been able to calculate this because it is backing up so quickly. there was an accident on westbound 580 at lakeshore drive but this is completely cleared. this is no longer a factor for you.
5:50 am
some of bay freeway is problem for a handle on the peninsula we do have a problem on skyline boulevard. this is about 3 mi. south of 92. there is a down the tree that is blocking the lanes. >> in san francisco where having a problem that is blocking the 281 01 interchange. this is slowing your ride. the marin ride is problem free with no delays and a quick look at the golden gate bridge shows that it is a wets one but the traffic is still pretty light. >> at the murphy has ranked no. 1 on forbes' list of the most overpaid actors. a series recent box office
5:51 am
flops like a thousand words, meet today's and tower heiss less studios with a little over $2 for every book they paid murphy. kathryn heigi ranks behind murphy. for every dollar she was paid, studios earn an average of $3.40. meanwhile, reese witherspoon rounds out the top three on the list with studio earnings just under four bucks for every dollar that she is paid. >> giants second baseman mark cole scitarp is staying in san francisco after bring to a $20 million three-year contract deal with the teen. vice-president of baseball operations bobby evans said last night the sides had agreed to a deal, pending a
5:52 am
physical. he was acquired by the giants just before the trade deadline. >> meanwhile, the brian sabean-bruce bochy administration is locked in for another year. the general managers and managers 2014 options have been exercised. team officials say that the next step is to negotiate an extension for 2015. giants president larry baer says those negotiations would take place sometime next year. >> nasa and since then another rover to mars in 2020. the space agency says that the spacecraft will be built from spare parts made
5:53 am
for the curiosity rover. it will also use the and noble landing system that delivered the curiosity to mars in august. the new mission is scheduled for 2020 and is estimated to cost about $1.5 billion. nasa says is another step toward eventually sending astronauts to the red planet in the 20 30's. >> the mars rover opportunity has found hundreds of mysterious stones. the tiny islands are no bigger than a huckleberry and appears to have to of shells and soft interiors. scientists say that these tiny speakers are a big mystery, but say they might have been formed from an unknown man wrote from 8¢ sandstones. >>ancient sandstones.
5:54 am
[ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it.
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>> there are big delays for
5:57 am
the east shore freeway at san pavlov. there is a crash that was in the lanes but it has been moved over to the shoulder. the back up is reaching up to highway 4 and the drive time has been pushed the 30 minutes. this is about 10 minutes more than what she normally looked at. >> house speaker john boehner took a break from the fiscal cliff negotiations. to help light of the capitol christmas tree. the tree is an evil man spruce and comes from colorado's white river national forest. it has been outfitted with a 10,000 lights and ornaments. it will be hit each night until the day after christmas. >> we will take a quick
5:58 am
break. coming up essex o'clock. a quadruple shooting in oakland last my injures for people which will have live reports coming up. we're also watching the flood levels are around the bay area this morning as to rain is back and we will have a live picture from core take more dear rock creek. plus crews and lafayette are concerned that iran could make the huge seco even worse.
5:59 am

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